What is a republic? The case of Oromia.

Note – This article was from Dagne Sia’s facebook post.

Oromia was a republic while Ethiopia was never a republic!

A republic is a government where the country’s political power comes from the citizens, not the rulers, and is put into use by representatives elected by the citizens. The Oromos elected their leaders as their representatives. For this reason, Oromia was a republic even before Ethiopia was. Ethiopia has never done a free and fair election that did not involve coercion of citizens. This makes Oromia ahead of Ethiopia! In fact, this puts Oromia and Ethiopia in different leagues.

Oromia changed its leaders peacefully every eight years while Ethiopia has never ever changed leaders without violence.

Gadaa is a republic that involves Oromos electing their leaders for 8 years, with recall at the fourth year based on performance during the first four years. If an elected Abba Gadaa did not fulfill the task, he will be replaced by another from the already elected cabinet.

The United States is a republic. So the president is the Commander in Chief of the military as power in a republic is always held by elected officials. The framers did not want a professional military leader as chief of the military, they wanted a civilian elected by the people.

To live in a Gadaa Republic, you do not have to be an Oromo. The Konso, Garba and Garri have been living under the Boorana Gadaa. The Sidaama also practice some form of Gadaa.

Before the world, we had a republic in which government is for and by the people. All the current generation has to do is look in its back yard, shine the Gadaa of our forefathers and shoot like a star across time horizon to the future. Look back to go forward!

It is not leaders we lack, it is the idea that leads we should look for. We have that if we choose to use it.