Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia?- The TPLF led Ethiopian government?has declared a state of emergency following months of often violent anti-government protests, especially in the restive Oromia region.

The puppetPrime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn?appeared on state television on Sunday and?rambled why it is necessary to declare the emergency.?Hailemariam said -“A state of emergency has been declared because the situation posed a threat against the people of the country,”.

?Oromos whom we have asked for their opinions said that their region has been under state of emergency for close to a year and this is not surprising to them at all. They said the state of emergency only affirms that TPLF’s grip on power is loosening day by day.

The anger and frustration in Oromia has reached a point of no return specially after the government systematically massacred more than 678 Oromos gathered to celebrate Irreecha. The state of emergency hence may be aimed to accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Legitimize any killings and wrongdoing
  • Give the?security personnel the freedom to loot and rob the people?since the regime is failing to pay them salary day by day