Oromo Leadership Convention Concluded

Atlanta, GA?– An Oromo Leadership Convention held over the weekend in Atlanta has concluded today. The convention was held at Atlanta Airport Hilton for three days beginning from Friday November 11 2016. Only invited guests were allowed to take part in the discussions held at the Hilton, however the Sunday afternoon session held at Downtown Hyatt was open to the public.

More than 600 participants from all walks of life took part in this historic convention.?According to the organizers, Oromos traveled to?Atlanta from far away places such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada and cities in the US. The participants represent various civic, community, religious and political groups.

Eight political organizations that represent the Oromo people’s struggle for self determination came under one roof to discuss the current crisis and find a plan on how their can coordinate the struggle of Oromo people against the tyrannical TPLF minority regime.

Besides the inclusiveness and the depth of agendas,?the convention is historic as it was held on the first anniversary of the Oromo protests which began on November 12 2015 in Ginchi, a small town in Western Oromia.

Participants of the convention discussed on?four documents in plenary and breakout sessions and the?convention concluded by passing the following resolutions:

  • Called on all Ethiopians to stand together and act in concert to remove the TPLF regime that has become the source of all discontent, division and disorder in the country
  • Called upon the international community to support the resolution by the UN Human Rights Commission that calls for an independent investigation into ?the massacre committed by the regime against the Oromo and other peoples of Ethiopia at the Ireecha festival on October 2, 2016?
  • Condemned in the strongest terms the state of emergency declared by the regime, which it is using to ?legalize its illegitimate actions.?
  • Decided to establish a human rights organization to assist the people victimized by the inhuman acts of the TPLF regime.
  • Vowed to further intensify the support given to the Oromo revolution to fight against the TPLF regime