አዳዲስ ክስተቶች  (11/1/2017)- Note: This observation analyzes the current political affairs in Ethiopia and the stare down between OPDO, TPLF and the military.  It was posted on Dr Dereje Gerafa Tullu's FB Page on 29 October 2017. The post is slightly edited (mostly… Read More
ይድረስ ለአምባገነን ነፍስ ገዳዮች!! (10/28/2017)- ሞቲ ቢያ (Gemechu Melka) ወገን በመደበኛ ጦር በአደባባይ ይገደላል። ሕዝብ ያላቅሳል። ድንበር ይጣሳል። የሚገድል ድርጅት ይወደሳል። ቃላት መግለፅ የማይችለው እብሪት ከገደቡ አልፎአል። ግፍ ገደቡን ጥሶአል። ከባዶ እግር ነፃ ባወጣችሁና ባለቢሊዮኔሮች ባደረጋችሁ ሀዝብ ላይ መዝመቱን መርጣችሁአል። እንዲህም ሆኖ እባካችሁ አንድን እውነት እወቁ።… Read More
‘THE BOY WITH A STONE’ (10/28/2017)- Note: This is first posted on Tsegaye Ararsa's FB page. People have been wondering about who this boy is and what his story is. 'The Boy with a Stone' is C.B. (name abbreviated for the sake of his safety--if at… Read More
Heroes of Grand Irreecha 2017 Celebration! (10/4/2017)- This article was published on Dr. Berhanemeskel Segni's facebook page on 04 October 2017. Four Major Heroes and the Heroines of Grand Irreecha 2017 Thanksgiving Holiday! 1. The Esteemed and the Most Honorable Abbaa Gadaa Beyene Senbato! The unmistakable and… Read More
Losers of Grand Irreecha 2017 Celebration! (10/4/2017)- This article was published on Dr. Berhanemeskel Segni's?facebook page on 04 October 2017. Five Major Institutional Losers of Grand Irreecha 2017 Thanksgiving Celebration! Admittedly, I am not good in writing obituary for the losers to nurse their wounds. But, I… Read More
Thoughts on the mass murder at Irreecha 2016 (7/7/2017)- Note - This article was published on the Facebook page of Dr. Berhanemeskel Segni which was posted on October 3 2016, a day after more than 600 Oromo festivalgoers were murdered in cold blood at Hora Harsadi. Please note that… Read More
The interest that is not ‘special’ (6/30/2017)- This commentary was first published on January 18 2017 on the online version of Addis Standard . The author, Dr. Tsegaye R. Ararssa of Melbourne Law School may be reached at?tsegayer@gmail.com. When Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn?indicated last weekthat a draft… Read More
Why a state of emergency in Ethiopia may not end the crisis (10/30/2016)- Source: http://www.Ayyaantu.net Connecticut, USA?? Merkel?s meeting with Prime Minister?Hailemariam Desalegn focused on the country?s newly declared state of emergency and other issues including migration. The most recent protests started on October 2 after dozens of people died in clashes with… Read More
OROMO PROTESTS: Marking The Next Ethiopian Political Chapter (9/29/2016)- By: Henok Gabisa Effective December 15, the Oromo nation has fallen under the administrative jurisdiction of a ?Command Post?, an entity chaired by the Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn. ?Counter-Terrorism Task Force?, which is assembled for this particular purpose is also… Read More