Transfer of OCO Leadership

Through an election process that was fully transparent, democratic and peaceful, the Oromo Community Organization of the Washington DC metropolitan area carried out a peaceful transition of power on June 24, 2016.

The 9-member Board of Directors convened at the Oromo House to elect from among themselves leaders who would serve in the positions of President, Vice President, Executive Director, Executive Secretary and Executive member for a two-year term.

Prior to the intra-committee elections to replace outgoing members of the Board, the General Assembly elected 5 leaders to be added to the BOD. ??The new incoming members of the Board elected by the General Assembly are Diriba Worku, Habtamu Dugo, Tesfa Gameda, Daniel Ayana and Moti Kebede.

While outgoing OCO Board President Dr. Dasta Yabessa transferred power to the new President Diriba Worku, Mr. Geremew Begna handed the Executive Director?s office to Prof. Habtamu Dugo. Dr. Tesfa Gemeda was elected to the position of Board Vice President.

Dr. Desta Yabessa and Mr. Geremew Begna diligently served the organization for five and four years respectively. ?Executive Secretary Mr. Gutu Bejji and Executive members Mr. Kinati Feyissa, and Mr. Kebir Abagumbul were among the outgoing leaders who served the community with outstanding dedication.? The outgoing members were joyful that the peaceful and democratic transfer of power happened.

Mr. Kebede Dinsaa, OCO internal auditor, made several recommendations for a smooth transition.? Mr. Adam Yenus and Mrs. Dinkinesh Deressa from the nomination committee were present as witnesses and observers to the election and power transfer processes.

The community is moving in the right direction, as its new leaders have expressed strong interests in serving the Oromo Community of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The new leadership promised to energize the base and to strengthen the organization within the ambit of the missions and the by-laws of the organization. ?The newly elected officials also called upon the Oromo nationals residing in the Washington DC area to join OCO and contribute to its growth and strength in the nation?s capital.