DC Budget Cut & Financial Concerns by Community Organizations

In their testimonies, the President of OCO and leaders of many other non-profits expressed their concern that drastic budget cuts by the District of Columbia government will negatively affect their ability to provide social services to the communities they serve. Witnesses representing the African communities in and around the Washington DC metropolitan area pointed out the disparity in budget allocated to the Office on African Affairs, which they said receives the smallest fund ($100,000) compared to other agencies serving Asian or Latino populations, for instance. This is despite OAA?s representation of immigrants from over 52 African nations.

Testimonies made by leaders of community organizations and non-profits in solidarity with OAA and other agencies did not only point out the problems faced by them, but it was also an essential platform for these leaders to share experiences on success stories, which could have been impossible if the District of Columbia had not organized such a forum. Ideas were exchanged and witnesses and directors were questioned on their programs and provided answers and justifications for the ways they have managed their programs and activities.