Children Festival and Cookout

To: All Oromo living in the Washington DC Metropolitan area
Subject: Oromo Children Festival at the annual Oromo Community Organization Cookout day
When: Saturday, August 26, 2017
Where:1620 E Randolph Rd, Colesville, MD 20904, Valley Mill Special Park
Time: 11:00am – 6:00pm
It is that time of the year again, were we gather and celebrate our children. Teach and learn from them and seed the identity of Oromuma. This year’s Oromo Kids Festival is bound to provide an exciting day out for children and their families. There will be plenty of entertainment and activities to capture your imagination on the day.
Some of the entertainment/ games include:
  • Agarsiisa dandeettii / Talent Show
  • Oduu durii / Story Telling
  • Tapha Oromoo / Oromo Games
  • Oromo Art-in-The Park
  • Agarsiisa Huccuu Aadaa /Oromo Fashion show
Many of you have other commitments and have places to take your children, but this is once a year activity that you can bring your children that is not a birthday, holiday celebration, playdate, etc.
This is where they come together to show their talent in their language and heritage, wow grownups and children, and make their parents proud.
To prepare for the kids festival we have set a date to practice. We will meet at Oromo community House to teach kids the festival’s theme song and to practice talents that will be showcased on the big day.
Please bring your kids to OCO to practice on August 20, 2017 @5pm.
If for any reason you cannot make it to the practice day, please keep on preparing your kids for the day of the festival. If you want the theme song sent to you, please text your phone number or email to 301-310-8277.
Please share this info with your Oromo friends and family who have kids. Come out and have fun with your Oromo family!
We are stronger together!