Note: This is first posted on Tsegaye Ararsa’s FB page.

People have been wondering about who this boy is and what his story is. ‘The Boy with a Stone’ is C.B. (name abbreviated for the sake of his safety–if at all he is safe even now!). He is a fourteen-years old lad from Awwaaro. I gather that he is a student of Grade 7. He supports himself by selling sugarcane in the town. Reports have it that he is an outstanding student, too.

His fearless walk towards the armored military vehicle, facing it only with a stone in his hand, is an act of pure valor, evoking to memory the biblical story of David facing Goliath.

To me, his walk symbolizes the face of defiance of this ruthless military. Arguably, he could be the face of the Qeerroo of Ambo and its environs. In time, his pose may morph into a metaphor of this revolution, a revolution that showcased extraordinary valor on the part of a generation that knows how to face dictatorship with superior values. A revolution of young people who are willing to die for justice despite their tender age.

He must be a living statue of the generation that knows how to defend liberty against a brutal military. To say he is a hero is an understatement.

May he live long enough to see the victory he sought (and the spirit of triumph he demonstrated) over these vendors of death and suffering.

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