Baqqalaa Garbaa – Baga Hiikamte

This poem was posted by Leta Kenei Aga cheering the release from Prison of OFC leader Mr. Bekele Garbaa.

Yaa Baqqee yaa Baqqalaa
Jabaa leenca daggalaa
Hidhamtee dhugaa dhabdee
Balleessaa malee cabde!
Kosii hin haane harki kee
Maalidharee yakki kee?
Dabaa tuffatte malee
Sabaaf dubbatte malee..
Afuuftuutu si shakka
Biyya oromummaan yakkaa!

Loose translation:


Oh my dear Bekele
Strong like a lion in the jungle
In jail you were denied justice
You suffered with no sin of yours
Your hands were near no evil
Then what is your crime?
You only despised the unjust
You only spoke for the people…
Liars may doubt your resolve
In the land where oromummaa (being an Oromo) is a crime!

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