More than 10 people gunned down in Ambo

“… We know that these children were shot to death by Agazi force… ” Mr. Gaddisa, Comm director of Ambo

itnesses in Ethiopia say at least 10 people are dead after security forces fired on angry protesters in the restive Oromia region.

One resident says the killings occurred around midday Thursday in the town of Ambo. Another resident says gunshots could be heard since morning. The residents spoke on condition of anonymity because of fear of retaliation.

The town has seen multiple demonstrations since anti-government protests erupted in Ethiopia in 2015 and caused a 10 month long state of emergency that was lifted in August.

A spokesman for the Oromia region, Addisu Kittesa, says in a Facebook post that “lives were lost and people wounded.”
On a separate incident, regime instigated ethnic clashes killed at least 11 people in Buno Bedele district of Oromia region earlier this week. Regime sponsored media outlets tried to portray the incident as native Oromos killing the Amhara residents in the hope of planting discourse between the two nations.
Below is the list of children murdered in cold blood by the So-called National Defense Forces of Ethiopia.