Abadula Gamadaa Resigns

Aba Dula Gammada – Ex-speaker of Ethiopian Parliament

Abadula Gemeda, speaker of the Ethiopian House of Peoples? Representatives has submitted a letter to resign from his post as speaker of the house.

Sources tell that Abadula submitted the resignation letter to the federal government “in protest over recent political developments including the federal security handling of the ongoing violence in eastern Ethiopia.

This crisis, in reality a proxy war against the Oromo people perpetrated by TPLF backed Somali “Liyu Police”, has displaced about 150, 000 Oromos from the Somali regional state.

In recent weeks tensions have risen to a fever pitch between Abadula and other senior members of the ruling coalition regarding the intervention of federal security forces in the affairs of Oromia regional state.

The joint session of the federal parliament and the house of federation, which has been closed for the summer recess, will open tomorrow (October 9 2017) at 2:00 PM. The joint session is expected to deliberate on the resignation.

A veteran politician, Abadula was the minister of defense during the early days of EPRDF, before he assumed the President of the Oromia regional state. He was somewhat effective in mobilizing the Oromo people and getting the ears of the elders as the President of the regional state. Many were disappointed when the late PM who didn’t like his growing popularity “moved” him to the federal parliament. Abadula is seen as a bridge between the federal government and the increasingly assertive leadership of the Oromia regional state.

Despite his resignation from the speakers post, Abadula is expected to retain his seat in the central committee of the Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO) and as a member of the house of representatives.

His organization, a junior member of TPLF dominated ruling coalition, was established from POWs including Abadula few months before the military junta was deposed.


Abadula confirms his resignation but says he will wait to discuss details of his reasons

Posted by Jawar Mohammed on Sunday, October 8, 2017